Want to know why there is a global outbreak of targeted attacks on the Asian community – particularly elders. It’s because we don’t fight back. We’re non-violent, and our “don’t make a scene” attitude makes us an easy target.

We think we’re peaceful by choosing not to fight. Being peaceful implies that you CAN fight, but choose not to. We’re not peaceful – we’re just harmless. And that’s why we’re more likely to be assaulted in broad daylight.

We don’t have to resort to violence. But we do have to defend ourselves against an invisible and spineless enemy attacking the most vulnerable members of our community. Arm yourself and your love ones with pepper spray and be educated in how to use it.

Hate crimes and attacks on our community likely won’t diminish any time soon. But there can be more empowering stories of us fighting back, defending ourselves, and showing our assailants that we’re no longer easy targets.

We can’t end racism but we can restore our dignity and fight to make our communities a safer place.

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